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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Kellyanne has an office space.

160 Quarry Park Blvd SE, Suite 300, Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

On the booking link, clients can choose from Virtual or In-person sessions.

No, Kellyanne does individual counselling. There are some fantastic therapists more suited and who are well trained in couples therapy – she would suggest someone trained in the Gottman method.

Absolutely not, some individuals will benefit from weekly counselling, some individuals will be suited to monthly sessions for more maintenance and check ins. Some contributing factors to deciding on time frames for therapy can include goals of treatment, timing abilities (i.e. how much time do you have to commit to therapy) as well as financial concerns.

A typical session will be 50 minutes in length.

See the Services page for more details.

In our first session we will highlight what your goals are, or what brought you to counselling, any necessary background information, your support systems, and pertinent healthcare information. As we progress through counselling we will explore your emotions, behaviours/actions, and thoughts that are shaping your current experiences, exploring coping skills, new thought processes, and addressing any need for problem solving. We will continue to review and revise goals as needed.

Everyone is different, some people will see counsellors for a short period of their life, some will dip back into counselling when in crisis mode, and others will need the support of therapy for a much longer period of time. The client is considered to be the expert in their life – and working together the counsellor and client will care plan to create the best treatment plan with long term goals of what the client feels is most suitable for them and their needs. The client always is the ultimate decision maker on how long they opt to stay in counselling!

What happens in counselling stays in counselling (for the most part). If you are at risk to self or to others, Kellyanne may need to consult external resources including but not limited to local police services, Alberta Health Services or Child and Family Services (if there is risk to a child).

Some people come to therapy to target a specific goal or problem occurring in their life, they hope to explore and analyze what the root cause might be or how to communicate their concerns with the problem itself to the people in their lives. Some people come to therapy due to symptoms of depression, grief, anxious thoughts, or stress. There might be relationships struggles, or communication breakdowns, difficulty coping with life transitions, low self worth, or healing from past traumas. Some clients needs that safe place to release their thoughts and emotions and feeling that  judgement free support.

Kellyanne does not offer direct billing at this time.  All insurance companies have different regulations on who can direct bill and different plans that fall under the same umbrella i.e Pacific Blue Cross can have different expectations for their different plan options.

Instead Kellyanne will provide a bill of service that can be easily submitted to your benefits plan for reimbursement.

Kellyanne encourages each future client to connect with their benefits plan advisor to find out what specifically is covered under their benefits. Some questions that might be helpful to discuss would be:

  1. What types of clinicians (e.g psychologists, social workers, Canadian Certified Counsellor) do I have coverage for? (Please note Kellyanne is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a Registered Clinical Counsellor- most plans accepts Registered Clinical counsellors).
  2. Is there a maximum coverage amount (per year/lifetime)? If so, what is it? Is there a specific allotment for each session? I.e 50% covered up to $75 per session, or do you have $3000/yearly with no maximum per session.
  3. When does my insurance coverage ‘roll-over’ or ‘renew’?
  4. If I use up all my sessions/coverage but need more therapy what happens?


Contact Kellyanne directly if you have any further questions about the counselling services.